Monday, 3 August 2015

Some people discuss what they would like to do to someone who didn't actually do anything.

From the FB Group "Moms against Macy's diner"

Bridget Smith
Sorry for the language and memo background - wanted to get this before it got taken down or something.
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  • Jennifer Nairns We can see perfectly clear that Richard is a POS! sorry you had to deal with such an asshat Bridget Smith frown emoticon
  • Bridget Smith Better pic lol
  • Jane Phillips Anyone who would defend that Dispicable sub human is just as bad as if they'd done it themselves ffs. What the FOOK is wrong with these ignorent uneducated and totally devoid of any empathy or understanding humans???!!!! I simply cannot get my head around it. She strikes me as the kind of person who should her kids be born with or develop such a crippling disease- any disease or illness for that matter,that she would disown her kids even !!! To spk like she has about any child or family living the nightmare and fear of their child's unknown future and well being is unforgivable in my eyes and should be punished. Surely a public servant dealing with customers and their food and their basic safety while on her premises,and who treats and regards vulnerable kiddies or those with illness or poor health etc with such a hideous lack of respect and just common human decency is an accident waiting to happen and a danger to the public in general. You need to reach more pple with this. I'd go to my local paper and tell them and show them what you have as far as how she spoke of that poor innocent child and their parents. Xxxxx
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  • Jennifer Nairns Already have. Even the Governor wink emoticon
  • Jane Phillips That's ma ghuuuurl !!! Bcz trust me if she lived where I do her personal safety would also be at risk too !!! Xxxx
  • Jane Phillips Loved that lol. A Cankle !!! Brilliant hahaha xxxx
  • Jennifer Nairns Yeah. I still have uneducated fucktards in boxing me. So pathetic to be those sorry ass people! !!
  • Jane Phillips You what Jennifer ??!!!!?? Lemme get this right...those sub human pond life are messaging you ???!! Firstly you MUST keep all the messages,as I'm sure you are,but are they being abusvie of threatening In any way Hun ??!! And second have you explained that as a parent of an autistic child you have every bloody right to be furious as hell ??!!!! xxxx
  • Jennifer Nairns And then they block me. Bahahaha. Oh yes I did my lashing out the other day. They had Facebook put me on a ban for a day. Guess they can't take the heat wink emoticon
  • Jennifer Nairns I call them pond scum maggots smile emoticon
  • Kristy Navin Jane Hun I get it daily u get thick skinned n learn lots off different responses to bell ends but u get it all Hun the reason this dinner got it I think was the r word and we still get that in Manchester Hun xx
  • Jennifer Nairns Kristy Navin, that's why I got so mad, because they used the r word!
  • Jennifer Nairns And they are still using it! !!
  • Kristy Navin We still get it hear Hun I've not even with my brain found a response to fit it's the worse isn't it x
  • Kristy Navin I have an answer for ever single comment but that
  • Jane Phillips Holllleeee Shittttt !!! They had u banned from ur acct bcz you were basically repeating exactly what they had said abt that poor child and it's mother and what has followed since the cheeki mother fookers !!!! And Kristylove,with a nephew who has Down's syndrome I've also had my fair share of ignorent scum bags. And specially at school where some lad smashed his head off the concrete stairs in school causing him to have to have metal playes in his cheeks. And I got arrested for assault section 18 as I waited for him after school with a baseball bat. But it's a feckin hate crime for starters and worse she owns a public eatery and is subject to certain laws and standards of care provided to her customers !!! Oh I'd go sick !! Straight to the papers first and then put her windows thru !!! She night think it's me proving it is different though. Violence doesn't solve anythhing I know so that's why I'm hitting her windows and not her ffs. Furious ain't in it !!! xxxxxx
  • Kristy Navin Knocks me sick it's that bad and it hurts because no on on earth is that word x
  • Kristy Navin Teachers said it to Emily Hun but I couldn't prove it karma sorted it tho x
  • Jane Phillips What word bab ??!!
  • Kristy Navin Jack had it for years from kids n is now on meds for anxiety he no there sad bastards with no love in there hearts but it still hits hard xx
  • Kristy Navin R -- doctor who's flying machine carnt say it knocks me sick
  • Jane Phillips Omgod of course I know !!! I didn't make a connection with your clue lol bab bt yes as soon as I saw the letter R I knew straight away. It's a hideous vile word and had no place in a civilised society. Xxxxx